How to Research Lawyers & Solicitors in the UK

Finding a good lawyer or solicitor can be really difficult, we have all heard horror stories of people who have hired a solicitor and they have turned out to be unqualified or even worse dam-right rubbish! But with this guide we hope to put your mind at ease by showing you the ways you can actually go through a lawyers background to check if they are the people for you. The easiest way to find the best solicitor in your area is to talk to people who have had good experiences, but if you are new to an area, or no one you know has any experience with there local solicitors then you have to do the research and leg work yourself.

law firm research advice

The process:

UK Solicitors imageThe first step is relatively obvious, you want to go to and type in your keyword. For this example I will be using my local area with is: Salisbury, UK. So I would type into Google something along the lines of legal services Salisbury UK you can add additional keywords or change the search terms themselves but as Google is evolving and becoming smarter, this will likely give you much the same results anyway.

Now what I recommend is selecting from one of the top 3 results (in both the maps results and the organic search listings.)

Now I know some people will be thinking, these results can be manipulated by search engine optimisation, but the truth is, if they are in the top 3 for your local area, chances are they have hired an SEO consultant who is pretty good and hence pretty expensive! If they have the money to spend on this, don’t you think they have made the money by being good at what they do? Good businesses spend good money because they can!

Once you have your list narrowed down to 3 the next step is easy.

Solicitor Salisbury ImageGo to the individual websites and look at the cases or options, this might also be in the form a blog post, but most of the time they should have the cases they have worked on, or at least are working on.

What you are looking for here is something that they have already had that is similar to your issue. I mean I know I would rather work with a law firm that has tackled and WON something very similar to what I am dealing with. It’s obvious really!

The final step is to reach-out to these firms in the right way. You don’t want to just randomly call or email them. Instead what you need to do is explain your situation and say it’s very similar to case number: 50200 or whatever the case number is. This shows the solicitors themselves that you know a thing or 2 and also shows them that its a winning case, it’s a win win win situation!

Thanks for reading an remember to share this to those people in need. I can say from experience that getting caught up in the law is not a good place to be!

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