How to Research for a Business Premise (Stop Working From A Garage)

Getting your first premise as a business can be a very stressful and often time consuming process with the number of both legal, personal and financial restrictions, its no wonder that many people have to go to co-working places and a number of virtual offices, when all they actually do is work from home. The below guide is a small list of things to remember we put together for the business owner whose not sure if they should move into a serviced office, virtual office or just still work from home. A side-note: If you are working from home but find your earnings growing quickly you should consider an office or factory, this will help you disconnect between work and play, it will also help reduce stress too! This is what my problem was when I first started working from home! People think it will reduce stress but it actually increase it.

The first time business property tips – (Stop Working From A Garage)

business locationLocation?

The first thing you should consider when looking at business premise is the property. Do you really need a business location near your house or would it be better in the City? If you are a business to consumer business then I’d recommend getting a premise with a great location in a busy central location. If you are a business to business seller then think it might be cheaper to set up shop outside of the city and actually get a nicer office than going into a small place in the city? All these things should be considered.

business sizeSize?

Size of a business depends on where and what you should get as your business premises. If you are a shop that sells goods to individuals then generally the bigger the better in relation to price. But if you are a business that is based on a service to the consumer or business you are serving (aka your client) and this service occurs at their location or in the cloud (wifi/internet based) then there is no need for size to be a factor or a limited issue with your business.

What you need?

For example if you need a lot of shelving and racking then you will need an area both high and wide enough to put the heavy duty stuff inside your premise. If you don’t work in this style of environment then you won’t need as much but you will need other storage solutions that make sense for your location. We found that we needed so much racking and storage when we first started that it was actually killing us. We moved out of a house and garage where we started, and didn’t realise how much of the house and garage was committed to the business. Hence this lead to getting a location that was probably in hindsight, too small! Don’t make the same mistake.

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