3 Technology Business Startup Opportunities

I love tech businesses. San Fran and the digital tech revolution seriously has me excited. But at the same time I’m also a business owner so I want to look for how these advancements will help my business or if I can make a new income stream out of them. Today I’m going to talk about 3 tech advances that will not only help businesses but can also be businesses in themselves providing you have the correct mindset and enough capital to get started!

Tesla 1.) Tesla + Uber

Uber if you don’t know is one of the fastest growing “taxi companies” in the world. The difference is instead of calling up a taxi firm and waiting, you can track where your potential driver is and request them. There is no cash exchanged and the only feedback is the driver rates the customers and vis versa. You are then charged a certain amount to your card, which in most cases is less than you would pay for a taxi of the same distance. Taking this one step further is where I really like this business model.

Tesla is Elon Musk’s electric car company that is future proofing the auto industry. Bringing this together with Uber means you can become an Uber driver, whilst at the same time owning and driving an electric car. But there is more. Once you have purchased the Tesla, the running costs are seriously lower than on a normal petrol or diesel engine, hence meaning you will be generating more profit per ride than people with a petrol car.

Agriculture2.) Agriculture

When it comes to agriculture 2 things are going to happen in the next 50 years. The first is technology will take over the production and maintenance of crops, making yields higher and the end profit also higher as the pesticides and chemicals will only be used on crops that are being affected and will not be used on the entire field or crop. Secondly instead of being grown on large fields outside cities, these will be grown inside the cities themselves. In tall skyscrapers where each floor is a large growth plate with its own individual climate and temperate. Then the next floor may grow something different and so on. This reduces the need for soil, and these can just be grown in water with the chemicals needed for plants, aka magnesium, calcium ect.

Drones3.) Drones

Drones or quadcopters are a relatively new product to the mainstream market. Pictured right is a drone that costs a little over $100, and comes with a camera attached. There are hundreds of models and you can get HD stabled drones or just a quick racing drone depending on the need. The business model I like with drones is the transportation of high end items. For example transporting lightweight materials across a city in rush-hour for example.

You can even set up a website promoting or reviewing drones, similar to the Chose a quadcopter brand. They review all new drones and quadcopters that come to the market and post independent, unbiased detailed scores on which you sohuld buy. From the budget models all the way up to commercial drones.