3 Marketing Channels to Get On Today

If you own a business in the UK or the USA there are a number of marketing channels and opportunities where you can sell to people looking for your product or services. Since the internet has blown up in 2000, online marketing is the number 1 source of sales for almost 50% of businesses in the world. Ecom still only accounts for 14% of sales made worldwide, but it is growing every year! In today’s article I’m going to outline 3 channels I recommend all businesses getting on. These are things that you can either set-up yourself or pay an expert to do it for you. Chances are if you have the time and knowledge you will do it yourself. If not then I would recommend hiring someone who has done it all before (that’s just smart business.)


Ebay is huge. There is no doubt about that. If you have a B2C product or service you need to be on Ebay. Most people think that ebay is a very price-orientated market, and although most people do search by price, there is no indication that people select price over quality. Reviews and search ranking still play a huge role, as well as having great imagery on the listings and responding quick to any questions. I personally don’t know an Ebay specialist but its very very easy to implement (so just hire your son or daughter to set it up for £50.)


Amazon is a lot larger than ebay and also a lot more complicated annoyingly. Personally I don’t recommend trying to do this yourself as there are hundreds of elements in the Amazon ranking algorithm. It’s frustrating but I’d recommend just hiring Amazon marketing services This costs around $800+ but you get everything you need, from on-page optimisation, initial sales and reviews and pretty much everything inbetween. It’s a great way to make some starting sales.


TwitterTwitter is the largest social network nowadays. Millions of people visit this site everday and millions of dollars is spent in ad revenue. But this is not the channel I am going to talk about today. One day I will do an online advertising article in full where I explain exactly what channels when it comes to online marketing with paid ads, but that is not today.

Instead what I recommend doing is the following. Find a hashtag that is popular and related to your business and search for individuals writing posts with this tag. Then comment, like and engage with these people…. It’s that simple. Essentially you are looking to build connections. You can try to sell to these people straight away but generally that doesn’t work, so instead just build the connection and get ready for the next wave of followers you get in!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a few ideas now.

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